Friday, September 12, 2014

A Lens on No Cal

I had an evening in Yreka, California and some time for photography. It's a beautiful area and has a lot of wildlife!


What the general area looks like in my mind.

A hungry deer.

A view to Mt. Shasta.

My best deer shot of the evening.

A golden hillside.

A Quick Look at Oregon

I was blessed with a couple inexpensive vacations this summer, so once again my pictures will be wandering out of So Cal. This post is my best pictures of Oregon, specifically the Silverton area.


It's not accurate to the entire state, but this photo best encapsulates what Oregon looks like in my head.

Some flowers at the Oregon Gardens.

Tiny daisies, growing wild.

Silver Springs Falls.

Wildflowers, and friend.

Some echinacea in front of the Oregon Gardens.