Monday, July 29, 2013

Arcadia Arboretum

Technically these were taken at the Los Angeles Arboretum, but it's really in Arcadia. It's amazing how many good shots you can get if you've got a small area filled with really good subjects.


For those who haven't been there, Arcadia, mainly the Arboretum, is overrun by peafowl. The area is so well known for them (they were imported by the area's founder, Lucky Baldwin) that a peacock is on the city's crest.



There's a small railroad museum inside an old depot on the property.


They have a lot of exotic and less exotic plants on the property. I was able to get a huge amount of nice shots of the flora there. This is my favorite, though.


There's a large pond/small lake on the property which is home to several families of geese.


Several of the geese had children recently, so there were a lot of fluffy goslings about.


Frequently a shot is made entirely by lighting.


Nighttime for peafowl...8