Monday, October 6, 2014

Malibu Summer

Mmm, Malibu! Such a lovely (and free!) place to spend time. I spent a day on the beach in August, 2014 and got a few nice shots of the birds and the waves.


A pensive fellow.

Someone found a sand crab!

Dreamy waves.

A cute little head cock in this one!

Strolling through aqua waves.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Lens on No Cal

I had an evening in Yreka, California and some time for photography. It's a beautiful area and has a lot of wildlife!


What the general area looks like in my mind.

A hungry deer.

A view to Mt. Shasta.

My best deer shot of the evening.

A golden hillside.

A Quick Look at Oregon

I was blessed with a couple inexpensive vacations this summer, so once again my pictures will be wandering out of So Cal. This post is my best pictures of Oregon, specifically the Silverton area.


It's not accurate to the entire state, but this photo best encapsulates what Oregon looks like in my head.

Some flowers at the Oregon Gardens.

Tiny daisies, growing wild.

Silver Springs Falls.

Wildflowers, and friend.

Some echinacea in front of the Oregon Gardens.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

USS Iowa

The USS Iowa is now permanently docked in San Pedro. They had a special where veterans got on-board free during Memorial Day this year, so we went and I got some pictures.


Here are a few superstructure shots, first of all. There were a zillion people, so aiming up was a good idea if you didn't want photos full of strangers.




An interior shot of the gopher burrows ^_~


I enjoyed the irony of this shot.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Around Town

Since this blog is aimed partially at showing everyone how nice and inexpensive fun in Southern California is, I thought I would toss up a couple photos I got just hanging around. It's this beautiful around pretty much ALL the time.


Both of these are taken with my point and shoot and not the DSLR, so you don't need a fancy camera to get pretty pictures ^_^ Notice the bee butt on the flower on the right! This was taken in a community garden in the La Verne area.


And this is a hedge near a park within walking distance of my house. It's SO spring here!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Farmwalk 2014

One of the things I like to do regularly is go to Pierce College's yearly Farmwalk. It's about 5 bucks to get in, and you can meet and greet all sorts of fun animals. Pierce has an extensive agricultural program and it's fun to see a pasture full of cows in the middle of Los Angeles.


One of the first critters we met was a very disgruntled hedgehog.


They have a lot of very photogenic farm equipment you can check out.


They rescue wild mules and donkeys from the nearby deserts and mountains. This sweet mule wanted to be petted so much that she was right up against the fence so people would scratch her.


Here's a hungry donkey at feeding time. (People are allowed to hand feed them carrots!)


Some wool and a sheep being (reluctantly) sheared.


A pony, smiling for the camera.


I was allowed to spend a lot of time with the chickens.


The chickens at Pierce are very friendly! (Also, you can buy fresh eggs from them!)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Travel Town in the Spring

I suppose everyone gets out less in the Wintertime, even people in the nicer, sunnier areas? In any case, a small pile of friends and I went to Travel Town over in Griffith Park. Here are some travel related photos from there. This is another one of the VERY inexpensive but fun things you can do in So Cal!


Detail on a couple of trains.


A hood ornament on an old car. Apparently, I like those!


Some steam equipment.


A bit of sad decay.