Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puerto Rico! (pt. 2)

This post will focus on the flora and fauna I came across while on vacation in Puerto Rico. I do so love taking animal photos, and flowers are always beautiful.


A wild iguana on the walls of El Morro.

Iguana on El Morro

One of the prettier fish at the aquarium at the Arecibo lighthouse.

Blue and Yellow Fish, Arecibo Aquarium

A fish with a "sunken ship" at the Arecibo lighthouse aquarium.

Fish with "Sunken Ship", Arecibo Aquarium

A closeup of the same fish. He liked to pose!

Fish Close-up, Arecibo Aquarium

A plumeria variant in front of the ocean in San Juan.

Plumeria Variety, Tres Palmas, San Juan

Plumeria in the rain in San Juan.

Plumeria in the Rain, Tres Palmas, San Juan

A surgeonfish and some probably blue tangs, in the water of Steps Beach, Rincon.

Blue Tang Variety(?), Steps Beach, Rincon

Puerto Rico! (pt. 1)

Yes, I know, the name of the photo blog is A Lens on So Cal. This is, first and foremost, a photography blog, though, and I couldn't keep from sharing my vacation photos as well. I don't go on vacation much, and I took thousands of photos while in Puerto Rico. (No, I'm not posting that many!) I'll be breaking this into 2 sets, this first set being photos of the scenery of Puerto Rico.


A girl flying a kite on the green grounds of El Morro

Kite Flying at El Morro

El Morro, overlooking the ocean.

El Morro

The lighthouse of El Morro.

The Lighthouse of El Morro

An old cannon in El Morro.

Old Spanish Cannon in El Morro

(I could show you pictures of the garitas of El Morro, but haven't you seen those in enough photos already?)

The gazebo at the Arecibo lighthouse.

Gazebo at the Arecibo Lighthouse

A windsurfer in front of the San Juan sunset.

Windsurfer in San Juan at Sunset

The beautiful Arecibo coastline.

The Arecibo Coastline

The lighthouse of Cabo Rojo from Playa Sucia.

The Bay and Lighthouse at Cabo Rojo

The water of Steps Beach in Rincon.

The Water in Steps Beach in Rincon

The bay opening of Playa Sucia.

The Bay Opening of Playa Sucia (Cabo Rojo)

Clouds in San Juan at the Museo de las Americas.

Clouds of San Juan (Museo de Las Americas)